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High-tech novelties at just the right time

Using your phone at an important event to better understand it
After several smartphone clicks, Google Play’s Election-2015 mobile application is downloaded onto my phone. I know straight away how many days are left until the important event. A quick browse shows me that the application is functional and convenient, providing information on potential candidates to the Presidential post, as well as documents and news relating to the election campaign. In addition, clear answers are provided to virtually all questions on the minds of inexperienced voters.

Application to help youngsters understand difficult topic of elections

Developed jointly by the Belarusian Republican Youth Union and BELTA News Agency, the application is useful in informing users about the key elements of the election campaign. It helps involve young people in this major political process, contributing to patriotic feelings and civic consciousness.

The First Secretary of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union’s Central Committee, Andrey Belyakov, believes this to be vital. He comments, “We want our youngsters to be aware of the elections. They don’t need to know everything but they need to know the basics about this complex procedure. The online information young people access should be of constructive character. We’ll be happy if this application helps encourage them to take part, voting at polling stations on October 11th.”

The high-tech novelty comes at just the right time, since the election campaign is now reaching the most active stage. Users can download the application and master its principles.

According to BELTA’s General Director, Dmitry Zhuk, the novelty aims to provide information on elections easily. He tells us, “This year, those born in sovereign Belarus will vote. To meet youngsters’ demands, we came up with this application.”

The Belarusian Republican Youth Union is conducting a contest among young voters, explains Ales Vinnik, the Chairman of the Union’s Central Controlling Commission. As curator of the Union’s activity online, he notes, “The contest is for 18-31 year old voters, aiming to find the best proposal regarding elections. Probably, this would be an essay on participation in the election campaign. Organisers will then name three winners, who’ll receive tablets as prizes.” The winners will be announced on December 1st and entries may now be submitted.

The Election-2015 application is available for Android users only at present but should be available for the iOS operation system soon.

By Maxim Osipov

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