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Belarus leads within CIS for number of organ and tissue transplants

Belarus leads within CIS for number of organ and tissue transplants

Organ and tissue transplants are at the cutting edge of high-tech medical care in Belarus, which stands foremost among CIS member states for its number of such operations per million citizens.

Belarusian specialists are eager to share their experience with foreign colleagues, including those from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Tajikistan and Russia. As many as 408 organ transplantations were performed in 2014, including 45 heart transplants, 285 kidney transplants, 77 liver transplants, and one lung transplant.

The Health Ministry is stepping up provision of high-tech medical care, in line with public needs. Many high-tech medical services are becoming common practice across the Belarusian regions, including cardiac surgeries and joint replacements, as well as brain and spinal tumour surgeries.

More than 13,000 high-tech operations were carried out in Belarus in 2014. “High-tech methods of medical treatment being introduced fully meet international standards, while our medical devices comply with international quality standards,” notes the Health Ministry.

By Olga Potvorova
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