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High style of diplomacy

Developing interaction with China is a priority of Belarusian foreign policy
By Vladimir Khromov

On meeting the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Belarus, H.E. Mr. Gong Jianwei, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko emphasised that Belarus is proud of its relations with China: a great power. The meeting was dedicated to Mr. Jianwei’s two-year diplomatic mission to Belarus coming to an end: a special honour extended only to those whom the President believes have really worked to nurture mutual relations with Belarus, showing themselves as a true friend of the state. Mr. Jianwei helped arrange the Belarusian President’s visit to the People’s Republic of China this year, with a joint declaration between Minsk and Beijing being signed to set up major strategic partnerships.

The President stressed, “We’re proud of having such good relations with this great state. These relations began long ago when China was getting back on its feet. Back then, during the development of China, we saw beginnings worthy of attention and we’ve since learned much from the People’s Republic of China.”

The President reminded that, as a Member of Parliament, he recommended examining Chinese experience. He recalled, “We’ve studied China’s experience attentively and I believe we ‘ve chosen the right policy. We already enjoy a long history of relations with this nation.” He underlined that the Ambassador of China ‘has been a reliable friend and has tried to cement relations between our two countries — unlike some other ambassadors, who do totally the opposite!’ Mr. Lukashenko hopes that the experience and knowledge gained by Mr. Jianwei in Belarus will allow him to continue promoting stronger Belarus-China relations.

According to the President, every Belarusian is aware of positive Belarus-China co-operation. He stresses, “China is not the future of the planet but its present.” He believes that making decisions on global and regional matters would be impossible without taking into account China’s view. He is delighted at the progress made in Belarus’ interaction with China — especially over the last two years — and recognises Mr. Jianwei’s role in promoting our friendship.

Mr. Jianwei thanked the Belarusian President for his positive assessment of his work, noting, “I accept this not only as personal praise but as praise of China’s leadership and Government.” He added that China intends to fulfil all the agreements with Belarus signed during the recent meeting between President Lukashenko and the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping.
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