High status of sporting city

Brest launches ultra modern Palace of Water Sports

By Kirill Pirogov


The new complex is able to host national and international events in swimming, water jumping, synchronised swimming and water polo while training our national teams and the next generation of athletes. Swimming is traditionally one of the most medal-rich sports, so Brest can help reap our national crop.


The Water Palace is one of the best in Belarus and Europe, meeting all international standards. It boasts four swimming pools — the biggest of which is 50 by 25 metres and can accommodate eight lanes; an automated platform can be activated to divide the swimming pool into two separate 25m sections. It is the first time that such technology has been used in Belarus. The Palace also has a smaller, 25m swimming pool equipped with various diving boards, while toddlers can develop their swimming skills in the paddling pool. Seating for 1,075 people surrounds the pool areas, meeting International Swimming Federation (FINA) standards. This will enable the site to host world and European championships and World Cup rounds for various age groups.


The Water Palace completes a whole sports complex, making a small sporting district in the centre of Brest. A tunnel separates the Palace from a regional clinic of sports medicine and the new building borders a baseball and softball stadium, facing the Ice Palace and an athletics stadium. On the opposite bank of the River Mukhavets, there is a rowing channel which has already hosted European and world championships. We hope that the Brest Water Palace will continue this wonderful tradition.

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