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Belkommunmash new trolley-buses appear on streets of Transnistria’s two largest cities
Belkommunmash’s twelve new trolley-buses are running on the streets of the two largest cities in Transnistria: Tiraspol and Bendery. Eight will service routes in Tiraspol, with the remainder driving between Tiraspol and Bendery.

Yevgeny Shevchuk, President of Transnistria, took part in the solemn launch of the new vehicles of public transport. With Prime Minister Piotr Stepanov and members of the Government, he personally tested their level of comfort. The event coincided with the foundation of the largest cities in Transnistria — the 220th anniversary of Tiraspol and the 604th anniversary of Bendery.

Mr. Shevchuk underlines that Transnistria residents deserve to travel in comfort and notes the good quality of Belarusian trolley-buses, which Transnistria people have called ‘21st century’ trolley-buses.

New transport vehicles manufactured by Belkommunmash boast large capacity, seating 26 people, with 75 standing. Their low floor gives ease of access, while air-conditioning, electronic panels with the date, a record keeping system of stops and passengers, as well as a descending platform for those with less mobility (or with prams), enhance comfort. In future, Wi-Fi is to be installed.

It was stressed during the solemn ceremony that this is only the first step on the way to renewing the park.
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