High-powered equipment

Recently, Minsk Tractor Works sent ten 350hp Belarus-3522 tractors to the Vitebsk Region, ready for evaluation at the largest farm businesses across the Vitebsk and Orsha districts
The Chairman of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, Nikolay Sherstnev, tells us that the tractors will take farming to a whole new level. He comments, “The Vitebsk Region is the northernmost in the country, so its farming is carried out in extreme conditions. We’ll see progress in the agricultural sector only if we start working with high powered equipment. Unlike other regions, we face a short growing period. If we solve this problem, raising harvest volumes, we’ll reduce our costs and become more competitive. I believe that the new equipment will help to achieve these results.”

Tractors for Vitebsk Region’s farms

According to the Director General of Minsk Tractor Works, Fiodor Domotenko, the Belarus-3522 tractor fully complies with latest requirements. It can replace ten old units and more than 5,000 are already being successfully used in our country, as well as in Russia and Ukraine. Another batch will soon follow to the Vitebsk Region.

By Tatiana Bizyuk
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