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In September Mogilev cardiac surgeons will make operations on arrested heart
In September Mogilev cardiac surgeons will make operations on arrested heart.
Conduction of such operations in a regional centre became possible owing to equipping the hospital with two heart-lung apparatus, which this year were supplied in compliance with the republican program on cardiac centers establishment. Equipment has already been installed, the specialists are trained now, additional expandable materials are bought. It is planned that first operations on arrested heart with the help of Minsk surgeons will be made in the end of September.
As for now, region inhabitants have to search for cardiosurgical assistance in Minsk or abroad. According to the head doctor of the medical institution Anatoly Medvednik, in the near 4–5 years all operations on coronary shunt procedures, transplantation of artificial cardiac valves will be carried out in the cardiac surgery department of Mogilev regional hospital, which will start its work on September 1 as an independent unit. A new department is rated for 25 beds, there will also be a reanimation rated for 6 beds. Separate premises were allocated for this purpose, where now reconstruction and repair works are being finished, new furniture, medical equipment and inventory is bought and installed. “Cardiac surgery department will be equipped on a modern level, and this will allow local specialists to make the most difficult operations”, — underlined the head doctor.
Anatoly Medvednik added, that Mogilev cardiac surgeons underwent special training in the republican scientific and practical centre “Cardiology” and abroad. They have already conducted more than 100 operations on a functioning heart.

Sergey Kuliagin
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