Helpline available for those planning to travel abroad

La Strada programme launches new hotline on safe migration

By Yelena Prusova

On dialling 113, callers can gain advice on moving or travelling abroad — be it for marriage, employment, education or holidaying. Consultants will be able to detail potential challenges, helping Belarusian citizens avoid falling prey to sexual or labour slavery. Information will be available on rules of emigration, as well as the risks and consequences of illegal employment abroad. Additionally, callers will be able to learn about the real cost of living and salaries paid to legal and illegal workers. Advice will also be available on work contracts, helping avoid possible deceit. Phone numbers for Belarusian embassies and consulates abroad are provided, in addition to those for non-state organisations — which can render assistance free of charge in cases of emergency.

La Strada line also aims to help victims of modern slave traders, while providing advice to those searching for relatives abroad. Over 400 such applications have been received to date, with each being given help. La Strada provides e-consultations as well, which are now enjoying increasing popularity. It has been operational in Belarus since 2001, providing help to over 16,000 people regarding safe travel. A large database has been created, uniting almost a hundred countries worldwide. Its analytical and expert work never stops, with services being ever extended and improved upon. Having been launched as a small project, La Strada is now a national programme offering high quality social services and uniting the best experts in the field of migration.

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