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Helping body regeneration

Belarusian State University develops technology to facilitate stem cell growth
By Sergey Smirnov

Biophysicists at the Belarusian State University’s Physics Department have joined physiologists from the National Academy of Sciences to develop a model facilitating stem cells transforming into neurons. The unique stem-stimulating device and technology are for use in the medical sphere.

As we age, we have fewer stem cells, reducing our ability to  ‘reconstruct’ our bodies. University staff have found that stem cell growth is influenced by shifts in electrical current (within certain parameters and amplitude). The new device has been designed as part of research conducted by Belarusian physicists, chemists, neurosurgeons, geneticists and other specialists studying cells and reconstruction of the human nervous system.

Stem cells can generate any tissue within the body, as well as the nervous system and blood. They are already used in therapy — to treat diseases of the blood, chronic hepatitis, disseminated sclerosis, Alzheimer’s (dementia), ischemic heart disease, diabetes, traumatic injuries of the spinal cord, infantile cerebral paralysis and Parkinson’s disease.
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