Hello from the metro

Passengers on Minsk underground soon to be able to use mobile phones, read news, watch videos online and have video conversations via messengers, thanks to GSM and 3G-coverage between two stations
Velcom specialists are laying a special transmitting cable along the entire tunnel, allowing mobile connection between Malinovka and Petrovshchina stations. Soon, the GSM network will cover other stretches of the underground track.

Working conditions are quite challenging, as the tunnels can only be accessed at night for three hours, and elevation and depth changes and tunnel tortuosity must be taken into consideration, to avoid poor connection. There is also the issue of many surfaces with absorbing, reflecting and isolating characteristics. During busy times, the volume of people wishing to access the Internet could be significant, and all will expect a reasonable connection speed.

If all goes to plan, there shouldn’t be a connection problem, Velcom assures us. The Head of Velcom Corporate Communications, Vyacheslav Smirnov, explains, “I feel a little uneasy when riding the underground, as I want to check my e-mail or chat online, but have no connection. In some European capital cities, like Berlin, you can talk on the phone while on the metro. Minsk shouldn’t be an exception. Our project is socially oriented, as it won’t recoup its costs. We’re taking action because we care about our customers.”

By Inna Kabysheva
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