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Heavenly horses canter around ring

Turkmen speech rings out at Belarusian State Circus
By Viktar Korbut

Galkynysh (Revival) acrobatic horse troupe have brought true Akhal-Teke horses to Belarus: the pride of Turkmenistan — as depicted on the country’s coat of arms. Akhal-Tekes are called heavenly horses, being thought the most spiritual, as well as the cleverest and most passionate. Their delicate and graceful movements seem almost mythical, thrilling audiences with their silky beauty.

The Turkmen dzhigits performed wonderful acrobatics on their horses, led by Pygy Bairamdurdyev, an Honoured Figure of Culture of Turkmenistan. His love of his horses is in his blood, making his work with the troupe a joy to behold. He tells us, “Horses are special animals for the Turkmen and Akhal-Teke are our true pride. They are known for their elegant bearing, as well as their fluid, beautiful movements.” 

Dunia Babaeva, an acrobat with Galkynysh, tells me about one trick which required six months of practise, “We build a pyramid with our bodies, which is a serious test of strength; I have to hold two girls with my hands.”
The circus programme currently includes Belarusian riders also, in addition to trained bears and trapeze artistes.
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