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Hearty walks with historical colour

This year, Kobrin park celebrates several milestones: 265 years since its foundation; 65 years since registration; and 50 years as a monument of nature and garden art
By Yuri Chernyakevich

Kobrin’s park has changed in the past few years, its century old trees and gardens being enhanced by new flowerbeds, a fountain and ponds, an amphitheatre seating 2000, sculptures, mosaic paving, a ski and roller skating route, and a children’s playground and entertainment centre. The latter hosts discos, New Year performances and birthday parties, offering youngsters a great many activities: from rollerblading to finding their way in the multi-floored maze. Local sponsors have donated some of the equipment: particularly, Belarusian-Israeli enterprise Polesie.

The park is always crowded with children and adults promenading and enjoying the amusements. You can even have your wedding reception in the park, dressing up in 19th century costume and taking a carriage ride, with a coachman. Such ‘historical’ weddings are popular in Kobrin, with couples often seen driving around town in horse-drawn vehicles.

More recently, the park hosted a holiday of ice-cream, featuring a youth concert entitled Dream City. There were festivals of break dancing, hip-hop and rock’n’roll and, as park director Irina Korobchuk assures us, more wonderful events are planned. 
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