He lives and… burns down on stage

Alexey Skrypnik is sure that music is the best medicine for a soul
Alexey Skrypnik is sure that music is the best medicine for a soul.

He is inseparable with his guitar. As a real gentleman, he is ready to render attention to each worthy guitar member. Well, perhaps, they are all over him. At least, this was the case at the recent author’s evening and presentation of a disc ‘Blessing of Earth’ in Belarusian State Philharmonic Hall, where guitars were put in a row on the stage.

Does a guitar inspire you to write songs? (I ask and hope to hear “amour-glamour” histories. A young man is 29. He is single. Without pernicious habits and youth quirks. He also sings, writes music and poems, draws. A dream of all poetesses! And he tells me about a guitar from Braslav area).

Maples literally propped the church’s basement. They were sew down and a master made a guitar for me from wood, fed and drunk with bell-ringing and prayers. It can’t but convey something it knows, can it? And what about rainbow? It’s like a blessing of earth, sent by the skies. What about the surrounding environment? I still remember my mother showing me museums, exhibitions and concerts of Leningrad. I was three years old then and we lived in Leningrad at that time. Once my grandfather played an old waltz. I liked it so much that I wrote its variations. By motives of those variations I aimed to write a piano recital. I played it during entrance examinations. Gennady Kaganovich, famous at that time, impressed me with the art of improvisation when I was at school. He showed me a picture and asked me to reflect it in music. I understood that everything can inspire!
Have you ever been to Spain?

I am only dreaming about this. Eight years ago I visited an international festival in Great Britain. I performed alone and with a choral collective. A presentation of my first magnetoalbum ‘Let’s talk’ was carried out there. This album was recorded on Belarusian radio with ‘Antalex’ group created by me: two vocalists, a violin, a block-flute, a clarinet, two guitars and percussion. I was invited to carry out guitar master-classes in the northern Wales.

You worked as a teacher for several years in Minsk. Judging by the references, your carrier was successful. On your concert one of your fans told me a mystical history weepingly, that you didn’t only teach your pupil to play guitar, but cured him from muteness.

Of course, this is an exaggeration. He was a taciturn person. It was impossible to hear a word from him — neither yes, nor no. I offered him to teach me! He liked this. Everything is simple: movements of fingers accelerate progress and develop speech. Music can be considered one of the most powerful and ‘tasty’ medicines. After the concert in Belarusian State Philharmonic Hall listeners came to me, said thanks. They told me that they want to live and create, listening to my romances and songs — this is the main thing.

Talking about poetry, we can mention that Alexey has recently finished a book of sonnets. Talking about cinema, we can say that clips, accompanying many Skrypnik’s songs on the screen during a philharmonic concert, he made by himself: filmed, selected, cut, calculated timestudy.

Generally speaking, there is a wish to search for something peculiar and to make improvements in any kind of work. Belarusian super-guitarist Vladimir Ugolnik joked, “You need a twelve-string, not a six-string guitar!” everybody laughed, and I am still thinking: why not? Pedagogics is also art! I have worked out my own teaching methodology — a four-fingered playing method, though pupils are taught by a two-fingered method. Now I am writing a book on teaching methodology and analyse everything conveyed to me by a wonderful teacher Valery Vladimirovich Gromov. I am too crocked now to teach pupils, though I did it earlier all day long. I had a feeling that I miss something important. I wanted to be engaged in concert activity and I left the work of a teacher.

I didn’t hear that you give three concerts a day...

Regional Philharmonic Halls made some offers to me. Perhaps, there are few of them, but I don’t need three concerts a day! I live and… burn down on stage. I am terribly concerned before a concert. I am absolutely calm on stage, but after the concert I am as tired as if somebody removed everything from me. Probably, I give away too much.

Are you a free painter now?

Not exactly. I work at the Union of the Men of Music. I am its member half-days. I spend most of the time in my own studio. We gleaned it and abnegated ourselves. It is good that my relatives understand me. Especially mother, she is also a musician, an accordionist, a singer. I write music at home...

From now on let us talk in detail.

Do you want to listen to a new romance ‘Master of a light soul’.

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