Gymnasts practise well for Olympic Games

Belarusian athletes take nine medals (three silver and six bronze) at World Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup final stage, hosted by Minsk’s Sports Palace
The Belarusian capital brought together the world’s top gymnasts, who will soon be fighting for medals at the London Olympics. Meanwhile, it seems likely that our squad will have every chance of claiming medals in the UK. The Belarusian team — comprising Marina Goncharova, Anastasia Ivankova, Ksenia Sankovich, Alina Tumilovich, Alexandra Narkevich and Natalia Leshchik — gained almost perfect results in the all-round and in the two most complex routines: the five balls and that with two hoops plus three ribbons. Although the Russians celebrated ultimate victory, their advantage of just 0.225 points shows that anything is possible at the Olympics!

Our Belarusian girls performed in the individual exercises also, with Lyubov Cherkashina awarded bronze in the Olympic all-round. Melitina Stanyuta (still recovering from injury) came fifth yet managed to reach the finals in the separate exercises. She was third with the hoop and ribbon, beaten only by acknowledged Russian favourites: Olympic champion Yevgenia Kanayeva and Darya Dmitrieva. Ms. Cherkashina also took bronze in the ball and clubs exercise.
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