Guidebook for Businessmen

A specialized legal information databank DB BUSINESS has been created in Belarus. It contains normative legal acts of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of business, foreign economic activity and investment policy
DB BUSINESS was compiled by the National Centre of Legal Information (NCLI) with the assistance of the Supreme Economic Court, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

DB BUSINESS was designed primarily for entrepreneurs, investors, other natural and legal persons, both Belarusian and foreign ones, that are interested in business, investment, external economic and other kinds of activity in the Republic of Belarus.

The distinctive feature of this databank is the economic bias of the legal information it contains. The development of the databank has been prompted by the necessity to create favourable conditions for economic activity and attraction of foreign investments.

At present, DB BUSINESS contains more than 120 normative legal acts that regulate general issues of economic activity, registration of economic entities, finance, taxation and currency regulation, privatization, external economic activity and investment, free economic zones, settlement of economic disputes. It also includes an overview of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on the legal framework of business and a set of relevant references to the Internet information resources.

The developers of the software for DB BUSINESS availed themselves of the NCLI’s experience in creating a standard databank of legal information and other databanks alongside with the experience in compiling, maintaining and ensuring the operation of the National Legal Internet Portal of the Republic of Belarus. All this made it possible to create a databank that enables entrepreneurs and investors, even the ones with no professional knowledge of legal science and computer technologies, to find quickly the legal information they need.

The development and release of the English version of DB BUSINESS in December 2005 have a particular significance. The English version includes more than 100 normative legal acts in the sphere of business, foreign economic activity and investment policy.

Any businessman, before investing money in the economy of a foreign country, should have an opportunity to study the relevant legislation of this country. That is why the English version of DB BUSINESS will facilitate the dissemination of information on Belarusian legislation abroad and eventually promote favourable conditions for the attraction of foreign investments, augmenting of export, development of external economic contacts and enhancement of international prestige of the Republic of Belarus as a reliable and advantageous partner in the system of international economic relations, as well as facilitate the country’s entry to the World Trade Organization.

DB BUSINESS is available on compact discs and is distributed through NCLI affiliation network (regional centres of legal information that operate in every regional city-centre and in Minsk city). Besides, it has been located on the National Legal Internet Portal of the Republic of Belarus and is accessible free of charge:

the Russian version —;

the English version —
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