Grounds exist for looking forward with optimism

Belarus’ industry launched 2012 with positive economic figures — as First Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko noted, awarding Belarusian Government Award laureates for their achievements in the sphere of quality

By Lidia Kravtsova

As Mr. Semashko notes, the country’s industry faces many challenges, although the year has begun well. In the first month, industrial growth was up 106.6 percent on the same period of 2011 — as forecast. Agricultural yield rose by 6.3 percent (more than forecast) but GDP is yet to meet its target rise of 105-105.5 percent (being up 103.6 percent this January compared to last). “Overall, we’ve begun the year as expected, despite various problems. We’re advancing in our stimulation of industrial production, allowing us to manufacture competitive and high quality products,” Mr. Semashko stresses.

The First Deputy Prime Minister adds that about 600 enterprises applied for Governmental quality awards over the time of its existence, with about a third granted. “This award is prestigious as it pushes enterprises towards concrete results, while contributing to high financial and economic figures,” Mr. Semashko notes. Winners receive the right to place an emblem of quality award logo on their manufacture for five years, which helps sales and allows higher prices to be commanded.

Accordingly, the number of those wishing to take part is growing rapidly. Of course, quality remains the major criterion of the award, as products must meet world technical standards and boast worthy design and packaging. Firms’ financial and economic activity within the year is also taken into consideration. “It would never occur that a company might win while demonstrating low sales figures; it would be paradoxical. If a manufacturer produces international level goods, they must boast sustainable financial and economic figures. With this in mind, we take such criteria into account in our contest,” Mr. Semashko emphasises.

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