Green means health and money

Ecolabels should be actively promoted in Belarus, expert says

All around the world products with the «eco» prefix have a bigger price and shops that specialize in selling them are considered elite. People are getting more and more concerned about their health and the state of the environment. The annual turnover of the environmental industry, particularly in the EU, comes to 800–900 billion euros.

Belarus considers ecology a priority as well. We have «green» designations in our country, too. For example, ISO 9001–2001 sign means that the company has a certificate in the field of environment protection. «Natural product» label warrants that production of the goods strictly met certain requirements.

Ecolabels should be promoted in Belarus, Valery Kurilov, head of «Ecologiainvest» company, says.

«On the one hand, the state should support and promote the enterprises, which satisfy environmental criteria. On the other hand, enterprises should understand that investment in the «green» certification today is an investment in the future. Meaning both preservation of the environment and creation of competitive businesses», — Kurilov stresses.

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