Great Stone ready for commissioning

Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park determines around 15 types of economic activity for residents

By Mikhail Kolosov

Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park determines around 15 types of economic activity for residents

The Park is to focus on the manufacture of pharmaceutical produce, office equipment and computer technologies, as well as medical and optic devices, measuring instruments, and watches. The Great Stone will conduct scientific-research, design and experimental work, as well as experimental and technological projects in the spheres of electronics, pharmaceuticals, fine chemistry, machine building, biotechnologies and new materials.

At present, two residents are registered at the Industrial Park: Bel Huawei Technologies LLC and the Telecommunication Equipment Factory. In line with the agreement, Bel Huawei Technologies, created on Belarusian territory by the Chinese Huawei Corporation, is to set up a centre of scientific-research and design and experimental development. The Telecommunication Equipment Factory, whose co-founder is ZTE Corporation, plans to organise production of contemporary telecommunication equipment for operators of mobile and wire telephony, as well as producing components for transport systems, electric transport and combined sources of electrical supply.

The Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park is a territorial entity with a special legal regime, aiming to ensure comfortable conditions for doing business. The ceremony of first stone laying was held on June 19th, 2014. Comfortable infrastructure for business development, significant tax exemptions over a long period of time and provision of comprehensive services are some of the benefits to residents. Priority areas of activity include fine chemistry, biomedicine, electronics and machine building.

The Park is located in the Smolevichi District, 25km from Minsk, in close vicinity to an international airport, railway lines and the transnational automobile Berlin-Moscow highway. There are plans to locate production and residential zones at the Park, alongside office and trade and entertainment facilities, and financial and scientific-research centres.
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