State awards are a good present for women on March 8th holiday

Gratefulness and respect

Women achieve success in every sector of the national economy, with many of them holding leading positions — the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, said as he presented the state awards on the eve of International Women’s Day.

Representatives of a variety of professions attended the solemn event

This spring event is always special as it marks International Women’s Day. “This holiday symbolises our profound respect to our mothers, wives, sisters and female colleagues,” the President said. “On this day, we thank you for your contribution to the development of modern Belarusian society, for the role you play in state construction, the economy, industry, culture and family. The eve of March 8th is a good occasion to honour our women for their outstanding achievements.”

Representatives of a variety of professions were attending the solemn event. Mr. Lukashenko particularly praised medical workers: according to him, the latest achievements in Belarusian medicine would have been impossible without their professionalism and solicitous natures. He also stressed the importance of women’s successes in commerce and catering, communications, banking, the light and food industries. “Women are the heart of their families. Moreover, they are also the defenders of our motherland and promoters of peace and order in our society. At present, an increasing number of women find their vocation in the army, police, customs and the emergency services. Most public servants are also women.” he commented.

Mr. Lukashenko believes that women play an important role in the development of education and science, physical training and sport, saying, “The outstanding sporting and scientific achievements of our women glorify the country.” The President thanked workers from the social service sector, as it is impossible to overestimate the role of women in matters of charity and helping those in need. “I thank you that you make our world better with your hard work, talent and kindness,” Mr. Lukashenko said. “In creative and public activities, in the manufacturing industry and public service you are the source of new ideas, a fount of creative force and you find optimal solutions in the most difficult situations. Whatever your professional achievements are, you never forget about the most important things, namely your families and the health and wellbeing of your kith and kin. You are the keepers of hearth and home,” he added.

The President expressed hope that the state awards would be an appropriate Women’s Day present which will demonstrate the profound respect and love for all the women of Belarus.

By Veniamin Mikheev

Photo Belta
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