Grand Prix for Minsk

Young Belarusian artist wins contest in St. Petersburg
The Grand Prix of the International Tausen National and Folklore Creativity Contest in St. Petersburg has been awarded to Andrey Demyanenko (playing the domra) of Minsk. Young talents from various cities and regions of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Korea, China, Hungary, the Czech Republic and elsewhere took part in the event. Belarus was represented by two entrants: 14 year old Andrey Demyanenko and 7 year old Sofia Vorsa (mandolin). Sofia was awarded a contest diploma for 1st place among solo performers playing folk instruments. The contest was organised as part of the international Vivat, Talent! contest and festival project, aiming to preserve and develop national cultures while popularising traditional amateur arts with folk roots and enhancing the professional mastery of artistic and creative bands.
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