Government to face a serious test this year

President of Belarus expects innovative new ideas to enhance economic efficiency

President of Belarus expects innovative new ideas to enhance economic efficiency.


Presenting newly-appointed Pri­me Minister Andrei Kobyakov, the President noted, “Decisive, experienced, pragmatic, well-informed and sensible people are appointed to work in Government. Therefore, I expect you to suggest constructive, innovative ideas, to raise the efficiency of our economy. You are the think tank needed to develop methods to ensure sustainable and balanced economic growth and to improve people’s living standards.”

The President noted that, apart from addressing current tasks, the Government should start working on mid-term plans: primarily, Belarus’ socio-economic development draft programme for 2016-2020 (to be defended at the next All-Belarus People’s Congress). Alexander Lukashenko believes that the authorities face a serious test in 2015, saying, “Much depends on you, and on your ability to mobilise all resources, to achieve the goals set. Everyone should work with public responsibility in mind, so that people cannot blame us for failure. We need to roll up our sleeves and get down to work.”

The Head of State notes that there is nothing extraordinary in new appointments, explaining, “This is a constant process. Life is ever changing, with alterations to staff appointments at all levels, as is traditional — especially in the year of presidential elections. We did the same last time. The major core of the Government and other leaders of the country was formed before the presidential elections.” He adds that new appointments will be conducted before the elections and afterwards, in three stages. “We’ve implemented the first stage, so the Government, other officials and governors will have time to assess, and launch the new year, from January 1st, in a new way, if necessary.”

By Petr Veremeev
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