Good mood and moment of truth

I am not a fan, I mean I don’t attend matches and don’t follow favourite team everywhere, but I like all this fans’ aura, when fans take off their T-shirts at 15 degrees below zero and yell something to support their favourite club for all 90 minutes of the match. Maybe, it’s not aesthetic, but really devoted. Why not, if everything is within the legislation and the law is not violated. I’m a fan in my heart. I like beautiful game: skills and dedication on the court, field or ice. I support real masters: their striving for victory, their ability to win and not to lose dignity in front of stronger opponents. We experience positive emotions from victories and negative from loses. However, they make us feel alive and last week was rich for emotions
By Victor Kharkov

Darya Domracheva finally performed successfully at the Biathlon World Championship in the Czech Republic. She received the title of the champion in one of the disciplines after a series of unsuccessful performances. I watched this on TV. I was sure that she deserved victory, proving that she is one of the best biathletes in the world. Sometimes it seemed that if the distance were longer, Norwegian Berger would be the first. It was broadcasted that fans supported biathlete at the beginning of the track and then at the stadium in Czech Novй Město na Moravě. This support means a lot for athletes. Read our Domracheva returns to podium! (p. 11). I’d like to quote Darya’s words about her professional credo, “Everything can happen in life, but black stripe will end sooner or later.” The athlete said about her plans that she should work… but I see this as a key for the future success.

Sport life is colourful and fans’ mood changes fast. I saw this on Sunday evening, when few hours after Darya’s victory, Dinamo Minsk hockey players, performing in KHL, lost their chance to get into play-offs. The mood was spoilt, but there was a feeling that the team should work more to win. Probably, they will learn the lesson and will win next time.

Meanwhile, later good news arrived: Victoria Azarenko has won the Premier tournament in Doha. She has won for the second time in a row. Moreover, Victoria has defeated her main rival — Serena Williams. Before that, Azarenko lost to the American tennis player in eleven out of twelve meetings.

According to commentators, the victory was beautiful and very important. Like many other people, I’m interested in the process of sport games and, to be exact, if there will be a turning point in the rivalry between the two very good tennis players. I think that for them it’s also not most important who tops the rankings. This is what I think as a fan, and I hope that I am not mistaken.
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