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Good example of mutual partnership

Belarus’ first railroad tanker produced at Osipovichi Wagon Building Plant

By Olga Belyavskaya

In January, the new manufacturing line will produce at least 15-17 carriages. The figure should double in February and, by later this year, 400-450 carriages will be manufactured monthly. Measures are being taken to enhance the localisation of components for wagon production, with many made on site. “We are up against tight deadlines, on domestic and foreign markets,” stressed Belarus’ Prime Minister, Mikhail Myasnikovich, speaking at the solemn opening ceremony.

Capacities are to be expanded at the Osipovichi and Mogilev wagon building plants, allowing us to satisfy domestic demand for freight wagons and reduce expensive imports. Mr. Myasnikovich explains that the project being implemented at the Osipovichi Wagon Building Plant offers not only import substitution but export opportunities, as output will surpass the needs of the home market. Two more enterprises are to be constructed near the plant in the future; the first, manufacturing carts for freight wagons, is already being built. Plans are afoot to set up a repair and service centre too.

“An entire complex to transport traditional and specialised cargoes is planned (including the movement of chemical substances and oil),” notes the Prime Minister. The construction of new enterprises in Osipovichi will bring the creation of at least a thousand jobs, with housing built for the expanded staff.

Mr. Myasnikovich emphasises that the Osipovichi Wagon Building Plant is a good example of state-private partnership. “It uses state investments, injected by Belarusian Railways, and has attracted foreign investments,” he explains. “In total, around $130m has been injected into the enterprise.”

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