Gomel’s Beehive harbouring talents

Creative centre for young artists and sculptors set up in regional centre — similar to Parisian Beehive

By Alena Germanovich

The idea of creating an artistic laboratory followed the presentation of Vladimir Schastny’s book. The Chairman of Belarus’ National Commission for UNESCO launched his Parisian School Artists from Belarus last summer in Gomel, detailing the revolution in painting which occurred around the Beehive (La Ruche) in the French capital. It became a shelter for young and talented painters, who later founded the Parisian school.

The idea to set up such a centre was brought to life after negotiations between several Italian organisations and representatives of Gomel’s Regional Executive Committee. The project is also to involve the international Help for Chernobyl Children public association. The Belarusian-Italian Beehive Centre in Gomel will be a laboratory for novice painters, creating conditions to encourage innovation, creative thinking and experience sharing. It will support young artists from the region and from throughout Belarus, helping them develop their skills. It will be the only such laboratory in the country and will also allow creative youngsters to learn more about Italian culture — famous for its masters and masterpieces — while taking part in joint events.

Gomel’s Beehive will house an exhibition hall, a room for master classes, a library and an Internet cafe, where discussion will be encouraged. The latter will incorporate elements of Belarusian and Italian culture in its design. The courtyard will be used to exhibit architectural, sculptural and landscape compositions.

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