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Golden ‘hairdressing’ double is no accident

Darya Dubrovina wins gold for Belarusian artistic hairdressing team at 2012 European Championship (held in Vienna) for ‘Men’s Full Fashion Look’

By Ivan Antonov

“Darya has captured the European gold, proving that her world champion title — won in 2011 in Milan — was no accident. This wasn’t mere luck but a reward for her hard work,” stresses the Director of the Belarusian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists and Belarus’ general representative at the Organisation Mondiale Coiffure, Konstantin Voitekhovsky.
Last year, Darya also won gold  ‘Men’s Full Fashion Look’ and, according to Mr. Voitekhovsky, “Italian masters are considered the best in this category. However, she succeeded in beating her notable Italian rivals, bringing gold for the Belarusian team.”

At present, the national team is preparing for the OMC Eastern European Championship, to be held in St. Petersburg in May.

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