Golden dance

Belarusian ice dancers Yevgenia Tkachenko and Yuri Gulitsky, as part of international team, earn figure skating team gold at 1st Winter Youth Olympics, recently hosted by Austrian Innsbruck

By Yevgeny Dragovsky

The team also included American Jordan Bauth (women’s individual skating) and Japanese Shoma Uno (men’s individual skating). The Belarusian-Japanese-American squad captured 16 points to win gold. The team of Eveliina Viljanen (Finland), Yaroslav Paniot (Ukraine) and ice dancers Maria Simonova and Dmitry Dragun (Russia) claimed silver; they also had 16 points but lost on additional estimates. Bronze went to So Youn Park (South Korea), Alexander Lyan (Kazakhstan) and French couple Estelle Elizabeth and Romain Le Gac, with 14 points in total. Our Belarusians won two medals at the 1st Winter Youth Olympics. Silver in the 500m went to skater Roman Dubovik. Belarus was represented in Innsbruck by 16 athletes in total, who competed in eight sports: biathlon, skating, skiing, figure skating, trampoline jumping, skiing Alpine combination, mountain skiing, and ice hockey.

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