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In April, Belarus’ gold-and-currency reserves increased by $37.1m

Gold-and-currency reserves demonstrate particular growth

In April, Belarus’ gold-and-currency reserves increased by $37.1m (if calculated in line with methods used by the IMF) and, according to preliminary data, amounted to the equivalent of $4,228.5m as of May 1st. This was noted by the National Bank’s Information and Public Relations Department.

In national terms, the amount of gold-and-currency reserves increased by $124.5m and totalled $4,630.9m as of May 1st. In April 2016, the Government and the National Bank honoured domestic and foreign commitments in foreign currency.

According to the statement, the maintenance of gold-and-currency reserves was facilitated by funds from the sale by the National Bank and the Finance Ministry of bonds, nominated in foreign currency, the purchase of foreign currency by the National Bank via the Belarusian Currency Stock Exchange, as well as revenues from export duties for oil and oil products.

By Alexander Pimenov
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