Global plan needed

Taking part in the UN GA thematic dialogue, Valentin Rybakov — Foreign Policy Aide to the President of Belarus — has called upon UN member states to take new steps towards global partnership in combating human trafficking, with a relevant global plan of action.

The ‘Taking Collective Action to End Human Trafficking’ thematic dialogue — held at the UN HQ in New York in May — was organised by UN GA President Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann at the request of Belarus (supported by Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, Nicaragua, the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines).

Major debates have focused on Belarus’ proposals to adopt a global plan of action to fight human trafficking — the logical continuation of the Belarusian President’s initiative announced in 2005 at the UN, to improve co-ordination of international efforts. Mr. Rybakov stated that Belarus is a dedicated believer in co-ordinating efforts from the international community. This encompasses intergovernmental and inter-parliamentary organisations, UN systems, civil society, businessmen and the media; each has a role to play in ending human trafficking. He stressed that the global plan of action to prevent trafficking, prosecute traffickers and protect and assist victims can and should be effective in battling today’s slave trade.

Addressing opponents of the plan, Mr. Rybakov noted that proper implementation of international treaties in this sphere requires coherent co-ordination. At a national and regional level, interagency mechanisms are needed, alongside national and regional plans of action. At present, efforts are inadequate and human trafficking remains a global problem, needing global solutions.

Alena Likhach
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