Global level of scientific research

Joint projects by scientists from Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova have been worthily assessed by a jury, at a contest organised by the National Academies of Sciences of our three states

By Dmitry Pimenov

According to the terms of the International Association of Academies of Sciences, the event is organised in rotation by Kiev, Minsk and Chisinau. This time, the Moldovans took the honour of summing up the results and determining the ultimate winners. Among those recognised were the authors of a joint microelectronics project in the sphere of natural sciences. In the area of technical sciences, the jury recognised researchers who have solved complex problems relating to the utilisation of thermal pollutants in power engineering and public service. Those investigating problems of sustainable development for national innovative systems won the contest among humanitarians. Diplomas and awards were bestowed upon Belarusian members of joint projects at a solemn ceremony at the National Academy of Sciences.

The winners of the contest, first organised by the National Academy of Sciences in 2010, were named, including those working in foundry engineering, the diagnosis of immune diseases among children and the synthesis of nano-materials.
The most prestigious scientific nomination is probably ‘The Most Quoted Authors’. It’s pleasant that there were many nominees in this area, with the contest showing that the level of research being conducted at leading domestic scientific centres meets global standards.

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