‘Give us a hundred revolutionaries, and we’ll change Belarus’

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko promises further support to farming development, speaking during working visit to Minsk Region
In the Logoisk District, the President visited Tsnyanskiye Ekoprodukty (Thnyanka Eco-products) farm, which has achieved high production results and is developing well. The Head of State noted that farmers have the power to revive loss-making or low-profitability agricultural enterprises.

Alexander Lukashenko visits Tsnyanskiye Ekoprodukty farm

“You [state-owned companies] are not managing even one-third or a quarter of agricultural companies. Farmers should be used more extensively. This, however, should not be done without thought. The state always must have a strong cushion,” said the President. “We have good farmers who show strong performance. If they want to, allow them to manage enterprises, rather than hastening to give these to foreigners, but do so on particular terms. Rural areas are reaching a normal level of development. Keep on managing agriculture well.”

Mr. Lukashenko noted that, sometimes, it’s easier to work with private companies than with government managers. He added, “However, we must see efficiency and ensure the state’s food safety. Could private companies have pulled off the management of agriculture ten years ago, when we were creating the programme?”

Assessing results achieved in farming, Mr. Lukashenko emphasised the paramount importance of having a wise leader able to properly arrange workflow. In this regard, the President is eager to see expertise disseminated via training of promising senior executives. He commented, “If there is no leader, there won’t be an enterprise. Give me a hundred revolutionaries, and we’ll change Belarus. There are normal people, and land should be given to them. Let them work.”

According to the President, the creation of a holding should be considered. “If you’re ready to do the same at other enterprises, just say,” emphasised the President, addressing the head of the farm, Vladimir Adamovich.

The Head of State especially stressed the need to support the local population via agricultural companies’ top management, regardless of ownership. In future, the state will support both private and state-owned businesses, relying exclusively on this factor. “Business is business. Keep working. We won’t impede your work, and we’ll improve legislation. However, you must take notice of these, your people. If you do so, we’ll support you. At the moment, we’re even supporting production, to help you regain your feet,” said the President. “We [the state] will see to social and infrastructure issues, while you’ll be responsible for production. We’ll support your humane attitude towards people who live in the villages in your territory.”

Tsnyanskiye Ekoprodukty farm specialises in potato and crop growing. It uses up-to-date technologies for potato storage and processing, which provide for good sales in both domestic and foreign markets. Owing to its thrifty and innovative approach, the pay-off terms for production facilities have been considerably reduced.

The President has been informed of the implementation of an investment project to expand agricultural production and to invest into the development of Kosino OJSC. In 2015, the Head of State allowed the transfer of shares in Kosino OJSC from the Logoisk District property to Tsnyanskiye Ekoprodukty farm, without charge, via a corresponding investment agreement. All agreements have been successfully fulfilled; the farm shows stable performance and is developing and creating new jobs.

Alexander Lukashenko also checked on the storage and processing of potatoes and vegetables and production of complete feed, seeing the array of products manufactured at the enterprise and the up-to-date equipment used on the farm.

By Vladislav Velikhov

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