Giuseppe Verdi ‘has landed’ in Upper City

Minsk concert of music features famous Italian composer and pianist Luciano Bellini
By Yuri Chernyakevich

Honoured Artist of Belarus, soprano Anastasia Moskvina — a laureate of many international contests — performed pieces by Verdi, at the Upper City concert hall, in the capital’s centre, accompanied by the piano, played by Luciano Bellini. Entrance to the performance was free so, unsurprisingly, more people wanted to attend than could be seated. Few Minsk concerts feature works by Italian composers although Verdi’s operas Aida, Otello and Il Trovatore (The Troubadour) are well loved. Additional works performed were composed by such masters as Sergio Rendine, Nino Rota, Ferruccio Busoni and, additionally, pianist Bellini.

Journalists attended a rehearsal before the concert, which passed very quickly, so delightful were the melodies. At times, it seemed as though Verdi himself had arrived in Minsk to charm Belarusian audiences. Mr. Bellini commented that, like all Italians, he adores Verdi’s works, which seem to unify people’s spirits. He explained, “Verdi’s music has a connecting power which rallies us and inspires devotion for our country. I think that a great composer is a man whose music is dramatic and theatrical; this aspect is very important to me.”

Mr. Bellini tries to inspire a similar adoration in his students, teaching them love to classical music. He teaches at one of Rome’s conservatoires but his own performances take him worldwide. This was his first visit to Belarus and he is yet to tour Russia, Ukraine or other CIS nations. His impressions of Minsk have been positive, and he comments on how much light is found everywhere, as well as fresh air, unlike other European countries. He admits that he’d love to return and views Belarusian audiences as true connoisseurs of music. 

The Cultural Attachй of the Embassy of Italy to the Republic of Belarus, Giuseppe Bosco, adds that Mr. Bellini may return sooner than we might expect. He notes, “In a year, we plan to hold a gala featuring Luciano Bellini in Minsk. We want to change the format a little, using two pianos at the same time, probably with the participation of Belarusian composers. I hope this will attract the attention of many music lovers.” Mr. Bosco explains that, this year, the Embassy of Italy to Belarus plans to hold a variety of events in Minsk and across the Belarusian regions, bringing the culture of the Apennine Peninsula to our republic.
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