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Generosity of family spirit finds its worthy reward

Parenting teachers from Nesvizh family-style orphanage — Igor and Galina Bushmakiny — have already decided how to spend their prize money from the ‘For Spiritual Revival’ Presidential Award

Nesvizh’s District Executive Committee not long ago presented one of Bushmakiny’s adopted daughters with a co-operative flat. However, an additional payment was needed after the house was put into exploitation. Using their prize money, the generous couple have decided to cover this and also buy some furniture for Natasha. Igor underlines that his family feels great support from the state in solving housing and other issues.

At present, Igor and Galina are raising five children. Over the past twenty years, they’ve brought up 11 youngsters — who are all now settled in life, with their own jobs. Many have chosen creative professions, such as painting or carpentry. There’s even a chef in the family. The children don’t forget their parents, often visiting. This year, 14 people gathered together around the New Year table.

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