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Interactive exhibition opens at Brest Regional History Museum

Generations of dialogue on war

The exhibition opened on the Day of Brest’s liberation from German invaders, featuring authentic documents and photos relating to the Great Patriotic War, as well as audio recordings by eyewitnesses.

The Cultural Heritage and Modernity Fund initiated the project, aiming to reveal the war through the eyes of children, veterans and modern young people. “We’re collecting a databank of anecdotes from ordinary people, who witnessed events 70 years ago.  We’ve lost so many memories already but some of those who were children during the war remain with us. Those child soldiers and ghetto prisoners are recording their stories for us, sharing their personal experiences. Today’s young people also have family stories to share, including grandparents’ memories,” says Alla Stashkevich, the Director of the Cultural Heritage and Modernity Fund.

Every town and city hosting the exhibition will add its own exhibits. The Brest Regional History Museum has provided books, photographs, and young soldiers’ personal belongings, including young partisan Kolya Goishik’s bag, which he used to carry mines, to derail Nazi trains.

By Anna Chernova
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