Gasoline conveniently to hand all over the country

Country’s first mobile gasoline station launched in Senno District of Vitebsk Region, responding to increasing demand
The gasoline station was constructed by Belorusneft-Vitebskoblnefteprodukt and came into operation this June, in the settlement of Bogushevsk, in the Senno District. Each of the mobile gasoline station’s tanks hold 5 cubic metres of fuel and can be operated by one person, supplying three kinds of fuel. Cash and non-cash payments are possible, with the station independent of external sources of electricity.

“The mobile gasoline station in operation in our district is gaining in popularity, especially with enterprises and organisations located several dozen kilometres from a stationary fuelling station,” notes Zoya Fomina, the Deputy Chair of the Senno District Executive Committee. She notes that the station operates within a 10-20km radius of the settlement of Bogushevsk. It attracts agricultural enterprises and other organisations, as well as individuals refuelling their cars, tractors and other machinery. The closest otherwise is 30-40km away, in Senno, Orsha. Ms. Fomina tells us, “It’s advantageous for everyone, saving time spent travelling to the fuelling station, which produces wear and tear on vehicles, as well as wasting fuel.” 

Ms. Fomina also notes that Belorusneft-Vitebskoblnefteprodukt’s innovation will act as a model to other districts across the Vitebsk Region; many remote locations still lack fuelling stations. Of course, the operation of mobile units is providing a social service: a great responsibility. He notes that various agro-experts and enterprise managers have been showing interest in the idea, assessing its feasibility for their own districts.
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