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Future of big expectations

From New Year’s Address of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

From New Year’s Address of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

Dear friends!

The departing year gave many reasons for joy.

Our population increased by almost 7,000. The state has passed a comprehensive program to support families with two, three, and more children. This will remain our number one priority in the future.

This year will make history as the time of remembrance and patriotism. The nationwide celebration of the 70th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invasion reminded us once again that there can be no future without past, without connection between generations. Our common noble duty is to take care of veterans, of all elderly people, to use their example for bringing up our children.

It is not accidental that the outgoing year was announced the Year of Hospitality.

The Republic of Belarus opened its doors for all countries during the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Dozens of thousands of guests from all corners of the planet got acquainted with Belarus and Belarusians. They saw that Belarus is a comfortable and beautiful country of kind-hearted, hospitable, and good people. I am convinced that all our guests enjoyed moments of joy and kindness in the Belarusian land.

We were rejoiced by the achievements of our athletes at the Winter Olympic Games. The entire country wholeheartedly rooted for our athletes, and they did not disappoint us.

Dear friends!

2015 is the Year of Great Victory and the Year of Youth, which symbolises the intertwinement of our past and our future. It is the year when we will make our choice and determine our goals, hopes, and aspirations.
Perhaps, every nation has its own cherished image of the native land.

For me it is a small but safe, warm, and comfortable home where elderly people are respected, adults work hard, young people mature, and happy children grow up.

Belarus is our common home, and we must do our best to ensure prosperity and happiness in it.
In these exciting moments I would like all Belarusians to realise how closely we are tied to each other in this small God-given place on Earth.

On New Year’s Eve I would like to extend my best greetings to our parents and all veterans, to thank them for everything they have done for the country.

I express my warmest greetings to our wonderful women who share the burden of work and concerns with men and remain tender and beautiful.

I wish Happy New Year to our children who have unconditional trust in us, the children whom we must show the right path in life.

I also congratulate all of us who make a contribution to the strengthening and prosperity of Belarus thanks to skilful hands, professionalism, talent and scientific ideas, perseverance and courage.

The New Year’s night is the time when we understand how close we are, how much we need each other, we realise that we cannot live without love and support of our kith and kin.

Let’s thank each other for help, care, and attention.

May genuine happiness and warmth reign in every family.

May accord, wellbeing, and peace stay in our country forever.

I wish you happiness and health, dear compatriots.

Happy New Year, Belarus!
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