Future economists see much of interest

Belarus’ beauty and business possibilities make it even more attractive

Belarus’ beauty and business possibilities make it even more attractive

Belarus recently received a delegation of around 40 alumni from Ljubljana University’s Economics Department. Among them were young people from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Mexico, India and Turkey — headed by famous Slovenian Professor Janez Prašnikar. Among the group also were five other lecturers, with the delegation visiting the Belarusian State University’s Economics Department, to meet local students and lecturers.

Slovenian guests visit MTZ

Mr. Prašnikar delivered a speech on the topic: ‘The Cyclic Nature of Employment Across 18 European States’ and the Slovenian guests asked Belarusian lecturers various questions.

One lecturer from the Slovenian delegation admitted that he was impressed with Belarusian young people’s good knowledge of English and their overall extensive knowledge.

The group took a tour of industrial giant Minsk Tractor Works, where they saw globally known Belarusian machinery under assembly. The future economists were interested in the components being used, and the work of designers, as well as markets for the machinery and whether the plant has partners in Slovenia.

The visit is part of a new educational project, which will continue as part of an international business conference in autumn, in Slovenia. Led by Mr. Prašnikar (who heads the organisational committee for the forum), each student will develop an individual economic theme, to present at the conference.

The Minsk programme has proven rich, including various visits to Belarusian enterprises, banks and universities. The guests have been amazed by our capital and its cleanliness, as well as our modern facilities and highly qualified workforce.

Delegation co-ordinator Natalija Glažar Berčič, who is from Slovenian Riko company, comments, “Our company has been successfully working on the Belarusian market for a long time. With this in mind, we aim to represent Belarus as being attractive for investments and co-operation. Modern students and future post-graduate students will apply their knowledge in practice — establishing their own companies and investing in other countries. We’d like to see Belarus among these states.”

Slovenian student Dasa Fercnik had never imagined Minsk being so modern or with such well-developed infrastructure. Meanwhile, student Lea Urbancic is interested in the Belarusian economic model, in particular, regarding machinery production.

Riko’s General Director, Janez Skrabec (among Slovenia’s most authoritative directors) has been working on the Belarusian market for over 15 years. He graduated from Ljubljana University’s Economics Department (learning under Mr. Prašnikar) and has kept in contact with his alma mater ever since. It was his idea to demonstrate Belarus’ business attractiveness to young Slovenian economists.

By Vladimir Minin
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