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New 2016-2020 state tourism development programme in Belarus will target tourism ecologisation

Future belongs to regional tourism

By Mikhail Svetlov

New 2016-2020 state tourism development programme in Belarus will target tourism ecologisation

tourism.png“In total, during the development of the programme we plan to focus on the application of principles of a ‘green economy’ which are now pushed by the World Tourism Organisation,” notes Vadim Karmazin, Director of the Tourism Department at the Sports and Tourism Ministry. “Additionally, it will also be appropriate to make emphasis on tourism ecologisation.” According to him, eco-tourism is now developing at a fast pace on a global scale, and its share is expanding by 20 percent per annum. The development of agro-tourism in Belarus is a no less promising direction.

Another direction which will be fixed in the programme is the further development of export of tourist services. As far as world trends are concerned, people are now shifting from beach tourism to so-called contemplative tourism, with excursion routes gaining more popularity. At the same time, budgetary accommodation of tourists will be also more popular which means an increased necessity for hostels and camping sites.

Mr. Karmazin also noted that tourism is gradually shifting to the global network of the Internet, where tourist services are advertised and tickets are booked. In this respect, a lot of attention will be paid to the development of IT in the tourist industry.

In spring 2015, Belarus will be hosting an international forum on ecological tourism. “The event will be attended by lots of experts, and Belarusian specialists will be also taking part. I think that future belongs to regional tourism in the tourist trade, and we definitely have the right things to offer our guests with what concerns tourism development in the regions,” notes the Chair of the Board of the Belarusian Association of Rural and Ecotourism, Country Escape, Valeria Klitsounova.
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