Full house for famous Da Vinci Inventions

Well-known exhibition visited by millions worldwide to open on first day of spring at National Art Museum
Well-known exhibition visited by millions worldwide to open on first day of spring at National Art Museum

Olga Kuptsova, the PR-manager of Berin Art Management JSC, tells us that the number of visitors in the first week of the exhibition has been several times higher than foreseen; Da Vinci Inventions is likely to enjoy ‘full capacity’ success.

Tickets for Da Vinci Inventions are available in advance at a discount, saving on the purchase price at the door. Berin Art Management explains, “We have decided to organise a preliminary sale of tickets, valid for only the date specified, to help ‘control’ the stream of visitors and avoid overcrowding. Many of the exhibits can be touched and closely inspected, so we want to avoid huge numbers in the halls, to allow visitors to enjoy the exhibition comfortably. Buying in advance avoids disappointment, and allows everyone the chance to ‘book’ their place to see Da Vinci Inventions.”

The Australian-Italian exhibition of Da Vinci Inventions will arrive in Minsk from Israel, where it saw great success from October through until December, in 2014. Since its launch in 2006, it has toured the USA, Japan, Russia, the UK and countries across Latin America, Southern Africa and Western Europe. The number of visitors totals millions.

The exhibits are the work of Italian masters, precisely following the manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci, and using Renaissance techniques and materials. Experts studied more than 6,000 pages of Da Vinci’s manuscripts, deciphering his codes, intentional errors and mirrored writing (applied to keep his innovations from being copied). The exhibition covers all Leonardo’s spheres of interest, featuring over 200 exhibits, including 75 full-size models. On show are a tank, aqualung, flying machine, bicycle, parachute, submarine, a model of an ideal city and various other inventions, made exactly as Leonardo da Vinci imagined them in the distant 15th century

By Veniamin Mikheev
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