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Frosty weather outside but warm souls and hearts

State road inspectors offer hot tea to drivers and pedestrians during severe frosts in Grodno Region

By Yelena Stasova

During the current icy temperatures, State Road Inspection officers are working hard to help drivers and pedestrians, taking thermos flasks of hot tea to revive those caught up in accidents; witnesses often need to stay for periods of time in cold conditions, so a hot drink is always welcome. Meanwhile, officers are offering a lift to pedestrians with long distances to cover.

“Why not look out for each other, offering hot tea to a frozen pedestrian?” stresses Yevgeny Dudko, who heads State Road Inspection’s Propaganda Department (for the Grodno Regional Executive Committee’s Interior Affairs Department).
Last year, the idea was trialed in winter during the Shine! campaign — when pedestrians on unlit sections of road (far from bus stops) were the contest participants.

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