From Japan to Zubrenok

Japanese children suffering after the Fukushima-1 nuclear power station disaster arrive in Belarus for second period of recuperation, visiting National Children’s Recuperation and Education Centre
By Yulia Semenova

Last year, Zubrenok welcomed ten out of 25 young Japanese guests to Belarus, resulting in a letter of appreciation to President Alexander Lukashenko and asking for a repeat invitation.

“Our centre allows children to rest and recuperate,” notes Tatiana Chizhik, Deputy Director of Zubrenok’s Teaching and Methodical Work. “We organise excursions around the Lake Naroch ring, alongside trips to Mir and Nesvizh castles. Our guests can learn to make a Belarusian national toy and find out about other aspects of Belarusian culture and traditions. Moreover, they have the chance to share culture and traditions from their own homeland, as well as joining Belarusian peers for sports competitions, sailing and motor-boat trips. They even take mini-peddle boats on Lake Naroch.”
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