From Germany and Russia to India and Indonesia

In 2012, Belarus to organise eight national exhibitions abroad

According to the Trade Ministry, in January, a national stand will be organised at the Green Week International Exhibition in Berlin (Germany). Meanwhile, in March, Belarus will be represented at the Heavy Duty Vehicle and Equipment International Exhibition in Indonesian Jakarta. In April, the country is to attend the Vietnam Expo-2012 in Hanoi (Vietnam) and then the Hanover Industrial Fair (Germany). In June, it will take part in the Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair (China). In July, Belarus will attend the Innoprom International Ural Exhibition in Yekaterinburg (Russia) and, in August-September, a national exhibition-fair is to be hosted by Moscow (Russia). In November, the Indian International Trade Fair is being held in New Delhi.

“These events are being hosted by regional economic centres, enabling us to attract business circles from host countries to the Belarusian stand, alongside those from neighbouring states who are keen to co-operate with our Republic,” stresses the Trade Ministry. It notes that Belarus needs to preserve and strengthen its place on traditional sales markets (such as Russia and Germany), while promoting goods and services to new regions — such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia and India, where export potential is yet to be reached.

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