From “Feast” To “Bazaar”!

The results of the first National TV Festival — the young singers’ contest “Feast” — have been summed up. Marina Vasilevskaya (in the photo) was chosen to represent our country at the young singers’ contest “Slavyansky Bazaar in Vitebsk-2006”
The professional jury selected Marina Vasilevskaya from among five finalists who had been chosen before in the course of the viewers’ voting on the First National TV channel.

The winner is known to have been born in Mogilyov. She studied at Mogilyov Lyceum of Music and Choreography. In 2003 she graduated with honours from Belarusian State University of Culture where her major was Stage Art. Now Marina is working as a soloist at the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. She works in cooperation with the composer and singer Izmail Kaplanov and the jazz musician Arcady Eskin. Marina’s mother acts as her director and manager.
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