Friendly meetings on court

Max Mirny becomes Goodwill Ambassador for UN Children’s Fund

By Irina Primakova

The well-known tennis player was given his new title in Svetlogorsk — a member of the UNICEF Child Friendly City Global Initiative since 2010. “Max Mirny has been awarded this status for several reasons,” explains Yulia Novichonok, a UNICEF Information Programmes Co-ordinator. “He has been liaising with us for a decade already and, despite being busy, has eagerly taken part in charity events at least 3-4 times a year.” Mr. Mirny sees this as a ‘landmark in his life’ and has promised to make every effort to raise children’s wellbeing.

Svetlogorsk hosted a sports and cultural event, with Max taking a master class, initiated by Valentina Kovaleva, a deputy at the House of Representatives from Svetlogorsk electoral district. She explains, “It was a true holiday for children! Each young tennis player was able to play with Max Mirny, have their photo taken with him and receive his autograph. He also gave his time to those with physical disabilities, visiting Svetlogorsk’s District Correction and Development Education and Rehabilitation Centre. He has a natural way of chatting to children, being a father himself.”

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