Frail Charm of Exhibits

The exposition of the oldest porcelain plant of the country, founded back in 1883, includes elegant and originally decorated vases, sets of dishes, samovars, kettles, saucers, statuettes and candlesticks created in 1950s — early 2000s by the staff of artists and craftsmen of the plant. The expressive style of the Belarusian porcelain is widely acknowledged and exported to Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Viewers are fascinated by the tea and coffee sets “Blue Lenok” by Valery Leontovich, sets of kettles “Morning” and “Cobalt Leaves” by Leonid Bogdanov, vases “Orchid” and “Lily” by Leonid Malyshev, tea sets “Blue Twig” by Anna Litvinenko and “Reminiscences” by Victoria Danchuk.

Besides, the exposition features the porcelain performed by the first director of the National Art Museum, Nikolai Mikholap. The display has samples of mass consumption porcelain goods designed by the artist and an immense vase that Mikholap created for the 70th birthday anniversary of Joseph Stalin.

Opening the exhibition the director of the museum, Vladimir Prokoptsov, said the unique exposition that had been painstakingly prepared by a number of professionals displays the undiscovered beauty of the treasury of the Belarusian decorative art.

Some of the exhibits will be for sale, Prokoptsov added.
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