Forwarders and harvesters forge ahead

Forestry machinery manufacturers expand foreign sales

By Yevgeny Veresov

Amkodor’s forestry machinery is popular in Belarus and across Russia: from Smolensk to Vladivostok. This year, the company plans to enter the Ukrainian market.

Fifteen models of forestry-industrial machinery are produced at the specialised Dormash Plant, including forwarders, harvesters, skidding hauling tractors and timber loaders. Valeriy Kondratchik, Director General of Amkodor JSC, promises that, over the next five years, the line-up will be expanded to include 5-6 innovations.

In 2011, the company plans to manufacture over 150 machines for the forestry industry. A hundred are to be sold domestically, with at least 50 exported to Russia. “Our specialists go to Russia to train operators, who must pass a test to show proficiency,” notes Mr. Kondratchik.

Amkodor has set up a special commodity distribution network, covering eleven trade and service companies, to promote its vehicles. Harvesters and forwarders account for around 80 percent of export deliveries to Russia, with one such complex costing over half a million US Dollars.

“In the crisis year of 2009, sales volumes of the major manufacturers of forestry machinery to Russia dropped ten-fold. A recovery has begun, while our rivals are yet to return to 2008 sales figures. Amkodor’s supplies aren’t huge, but we’ve already managed to exceed the pre-crisis level,” explains Yevgeny Kosinov, Amkodor’s Deputy Head of Sales.

This year, the plant has supplied forestry machinery to the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts, with only good feedback received. “We don’t doubt that Amkodor’s machinery will enjoy demand,” notes Alexey Ishutinov, Director General of Ural-Service — Amkodor’s dealer. “A well-developed service department operates at the plant. The machinery endures very difficult conditions and, if questions arise, specialists can’t always solve problems on the spot. A service brigade can arrive within 2-3 days while our warehouse carries spare parts. If something is missing, the plant can quickly deliver.”

Dealers are also pleased with the work of Belarusian designers. “Over the last 2-3 years, many improvements have been made, taking into account the desires of final customers,” stresses Mr. Ishutinov. “Belarus has acted promptly, supplying machinery which works perfectly.”

Amkodor JSC plans to acquire one more factory, specialising in manufacturing forestry machinery which will help double production.

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