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Forum of ideas on the banks of the Dvina

During the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk a Belarusian-Slovak Business Forum was held
During the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk a Belarusian-Slovak Business Forum was held. In the festival city diplomats, parliamentarians and representatives of business circles gathered. There were more than 50 businessmen from Slovakia alone.

Some of these are already successfully working in the Minsk Region. However, the Ambassador of Slovakia to Belarus, H.E. Mr. Miroslav Mojžita, thinks that for them, the time has come to explore the Eastern part of our country, “If during the business forum someone begins a production chain, we will help them with long-term visas. For those who are developing the economy, there should not be any obstacles.”

Deputy Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, Oleg Matskevich, emphasised that for joint innovative business projects in Belarus a comprehensive system of state support had been developed, “Assistance will be rendered for taxation, state registration, allocation of land plots, and technical and legal expertise.”

Mr. Matskevich also noted that for Slovak businessmen, new directions such as recycling, alternative energy sources and biotechnologies will be of interest, as well as the well-developed industries of power engineering, petrochemicals, construction and the production of agricultural products in the Vitebsk Region. Ljubica Alusicova, Director of the Slovak office for tourism in Russia and CIS countries, thinks that it is necessary to establish convenient transport links between the two countries, “There are flights from Minsk but air tickets are expensive. A train or a bus from Brest would increase the flow of tourists. I think if comfortable hotels appear in Belarus you will attract more guests from Slovakia, as well as other European tourists who appreciate the museums of Chagall and Repin for example.”

In addition, Vitebsk’s Znamya Industrializatsii Sewing Factory is keen to show its 2015 collection of 100-percent linen fabrics from the Orsha Linen Mill in Europe. A co-operative agreement regarding culture, education, sport and tourism signed at the business forum between the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee and Košice town will contribute to the expansion of the region. The same document was signed by the Vitebsk District Executive Committee and the town of Holíč. The participants at the Vitebsk business forum intend to continue the discussion of ideas begun in Minsk.

By Sergey Golesnik
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