Forms, colours, rhythms…

“Chevalier for achievements in literature and art” — such a medal of the Ministry of Culture of France was awarded, among other Belarusian artists and art critics, to the Honoured Artist of Belarus Zoya Litvinova
And here is the prehistory of the event. Director of the gallery “Land of People” in Paris Ives Prudhon offered two artists — Zoya Litvinova and Galina Gorokhova — to exhibit their works in his gallery. The biennale was a success and was noticed not only by the general public, but also by the diplomats of the French Embassy, including its Cultural Attache Madam Le Mason.

Zoya Litvinova is a mature artist. Her canvases and water-colour paintings are kept in the National Art Museum of Belarus, the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, a number of art galleries in Belarus and Russia, municipal and private collections in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Holland, England, Israel, the USA, Canada and the Republic of South Africa.

What is so remarkable about the artist’s works? The plastic of form and chatoyment play of colours in them are polysemantic and symbolic. Litvinova freely implements everything she is impressed by. She speaks the language of romantic images to disclose the inner state of a human being and the powerful vital force of the nature.

Forms, colours and rhythms of her compositions are as if melted of emotional impulses of the soul and spiritual strikening. Associative memory is as rich in the works of Zoya Litvinova, as her insight is large, which makes her art a remarkable cultural phenomenon.
Galiya Fatykhova
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