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Foretimes are held in reverence in the country

A village Lyntupy of Postavy District, Vitebsk Region. It is located in 42 kilometers to the west from Postavy. Railway station is situated on the line Polotsk-Vilnius. From Lyntupy to Postavy and village Svir you may get driving along comfortable motorways. The village is inhabited by a bit more than 2 thousand people
It’s better to go on excursion around Lyntupy in late spring or early autumn: the brighter colors delight the eye. At that such small places like Lyntupy look more cheerful when surrounded by verdure. In some way all of them — Voropaevo of Postavy, or Novoelnya of Grodno and Lyntupy are very similar with each other. As a rule, there are no vast industrial enterprises here, almost all buildings are single-floored. In outskirts or even in the centre of this or that town there is a park… At a first glance, there is nothing special. By I have a tremulous attitude to Lyntupy and places like that — I certainly reveal something new, making a so-called excursion to the past. Well, I shouldn’t search for some guide. Poet, bard and a brilliant regional ethnographer Igor Prokopovich lives and works in Postavy as a geography teacher at school. So, we “go traveling” around Lyntupy.
— It may seem to a not involved person that in a small town there is only one ancient farmstead — Igor says — but in fact by Lyntupy and its suburbs one may read the centuries-old history of Belarus. Let’s drop at burial mound, it is thereabout, in the forest. Some time ago archeologists Dmitry Dovgyallo and Pokrovsky used to carry out excavations…
At the end of the nineteenth century the archeologists found pieces of bijou made out of bronze, narrow edged iron axes, knives, segments of clayware. Researchers came to the conclusion: mounds date to X–XI centuries. Several dozens of mounds had been preserved till our days. By the way, the ancient mound could have become a part of Lyntupy tourist route.
The next stop for the tourists will be in the farmstead, for sure. Igor Prokopovich:
— Creation of the Park complex and the farmstead itself dates to the second half of the nineteenth century. Look at the building where the secondary school is located nowadays. The front face seems to be excessively decorated. But I suppose that its force of attraction lies in it. Rectangular and arched windows decorated with marvelous frontons. It a real late Italian renaissance!...
— Did the owners of the farmstead earls Buchinskys really invite an architect from Italy?
— No, the architect was a Polish one, Tadeush Rastvorovsky. The main works were finished in 1907…
— At that many things become clear to me. So, it was a bit surprising to read memories recently published in the “Neman” magazine belonging to folklorist Ivan Nosovich who came to Sventyany across Lyntupy and noticed mud and untidiness of this place, which were.
— O, these memories come from older times — Igor specifies — Nosovich has been working in Sventyany in 1834. In fact the park was created even later and I shall not take into account the farmstead preserved till our days.
I share my recollections with Prokopovich when one day I was guided around the farmstead by Anatoly Fedoruk Doctor of Biological Sciences who dedicated all his life to reconstruction of the parks and farmsteads of Belarus. It was he to tell me about dendrological projects of the previous Lyntupy owners…
— ...You’ve spoken about Nosovich — Igor Prokopovich refers me back to the reality, — it was such a thing that in Lyntupy ways of the other scientists and writers had crossed. The poet Maxim Tank when returning to Pilkovshchina of Myadel District used to drop at our place. He even left some notes in “Listky kalendarya” (Calendar pages)… Vatslav Lastovsky from the newspaper “Nasha Niva” came to Lyntupy on some journalist business. Several correspondents of this famous Belarusian edition used to stay in this place...
And the best story-teller about the life in the place was the correspondent some E. Yakubovich. He published his essays in a newspaper under the pen name “Lyntupsky” (“A man from Lyntupy”)…
… I ask Igor if there anything he would like to open in Lyntupy and its suburbs for the tourists.
— Everything here seems interesting to me — the park, where there are various exotic plants, farmstead, the castle, monuments reminding of the Great Patriotic War…
Listening to my guide I think that Lyntupy and other numerous villages of our country — boroughs as they used to be called years ago — it is our historical landscape, the face of our Fatherland.

Ales Karlyukevich.
Card from collection of Vladimir Likhodedov
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