Forest in its full beauty

Painting, photos and graphic pieces on show at landscape festival dedicated to International Year of Forests, held at National Library of Belarus

By Nikolay Lutsevich

Painter Fiodor Yastreb, curator of the exhibition and Chairman of the International Guild of Painters Public Association, noted at the opening ceremony that the exhibited works show not simply images of forests, but their authors’ perception of forests. “Undoubtedly, the photographers don’t just admire forests, but feel part of nature. Forests create a philosophy for life; they are a self-contained world — a separate kingdom. There’s no better teacher than nature for any creative person. Only nature can push us to really love our land,” Mr. Yastreb asserted.

Forests are the planet’s ‘lungs’ — vital to our biological, economic and social life. However, they are reducing in size daily, negatively affecting our climate and ecology. The UN General Assembly has proclaimed 2011 to be the International Year of Forests, campaigning to promote public awareness of the importance of forest ecosystems and the need to protect and expand them.

Visitors to the exhibition at the National Library of Belarus are able to view works by Alexander Grishkevich, Ales Susha, Yegor Batalyonok, Georgy Poplavsky, Victor Suglob, Valery Vedrenko, Vadim Kachan and others.

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