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Ford Mustang takes a ride to the top of New York

Ford Mustang takes a ride to the top of New York
How does a car go to the top of the Empire State Building? It takes the elevator of course!

And that’s just what a 2015 Ford Mustang convertible did. Replicating the same feat from nearly 50 years ago and to coincide with the annual New York Auto Show, the car was disassembled into sections so it could fit into the ‘lift’ and then reassembled on the 86th observatory floor.

Ford Production Manager George Samulski explained how they achieved it, “The difference in this car and the car 50 years ago is the size. They were able to cut that car into four pieces, where we had to cut this one, the basic structure, into six pieces to be able to fit into the elevator.”

The price was different too but if you have to ask you can’t afford it — well this special version anyway. And what kind of view did the Mustang have? As you would expect — a spectacular one of the New York skyline.
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